Every engaged couple experiences great joy and excitement, as well as, surprises and pressures. In a caring effort to encourage and support engaged couples, we have a premarital mentoring program at Liberty. We have trained and experienced mentor couples with strong marriages that will help nurture and empower premarital couples.



Great marriages don't just happen ... you have to work at them! A crucial part of having a great marriage is preparation. That's why we encourage couples to participate in Liberty’s premarital program.

The decision to marry is one of the most important choices we make in life. Our desire is to help you establish a marriage that will endure and that you will enjoy for a lifetime. The Premarital Mentoring Ministry trains mentors to walk beside you through this time and offers resources to prepare you for what lies ahead.

Liberty’s premarital program is available to members and regular attendees who are already engaged. If you desire to be married by one of our pastors, then you are required to receive marriage preparation through Liberty’s premarital program.


It's simple but very important!

Step 1: REGISTRATION - click here

Step 2: On receipt of the registration form, you will be REGISTERED to take the Prepare Inventory and will receive an email with instructions, web address and log in code.

Step 3: Take the PREPARE INVENTORY on line. Cost is $35 per couple payable by credit card. The inventory will help access your strength and growth areas as a couple and will help the mentor couple customize the program for your individual relationship. Please remember, it is not a test. There are no right or wrong answers. It is best to answer as honestly as you can with as few "3 undecided answers" as possible.

Step 4: Meet with the MARRIAGE MINISTRY DIRECTORS On receipt of your completed Inventory the Marriage Ministry Directors will contact you to set up a meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to evaluate which Mentor Couple will be best suited for you.

Step 5: Meet with a MENTORING COUPLE A trained and caring couple will meet with you for seven sessions. The mentor couple follows a structured program that covers what we believe to be the most relevant areas for having a successful marriage. You'll find this couple to be a valuable asset as you prepare for marriage.


What will this require of you?

Time: You will be asked to invest the time necessary to complete the process. Fee: The total cost for the inventory and materials is $100 per couple. Preparation: It is imperative that you begin the process 6 months prior to your wedding date.